Pre-Birth Memory No.43

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A Lucid Conversation

A little over a decade ago, I was talking to my cousin's 4 year old son one time while playing with him in the sand box (I was in high school and babysitting) and he got really curious about life and what I knew about it. It was almost eerie in how matter-of-fact he was in his questions to me--almost like he was amassing a collection of information to create a report on his experience as a human.

Curious which direction I could take this lucid conversation, I asked him, "Where did you come from before you were born?" Without hesitation he said, "Its a place on top of this place but we can't see it." Kind of stunned but completely on his level, I asked him, "How did you get here?" He said, "I stopped flying and climbed into my mommy's body". Through asking him a few more questions, I found out that he was the one in control of when he wanted to come to earth. He didn't know how his mom got his body inside her or how exactly he crossed the barrier between the two worlds but he knew when it was his time to go and he also knew that he would return to that other world some day.

I brought it up again another time that same year when it was just me and him and I did manage to find out that everyone on that side can see us and get inside our minds and thoughts but we can't see them until we go to sleep. Somehow, sleep is our way of not crossing the boundary but merely going to a sort of midpoint where we can interact with people on the other side but only kind of as a visitor... the best comparison would be like visiting an inmate at a prison and being able to see them and talk to them but only through a thick sheet of glass and a phone to our ear. The glass window would be the visuals we see in our dreams and the phone would be what we hear in our dreams... they are filters of the reality on the other side that try to make sense of it so our brains can comprehend and use it. It sounds like we are the inmates of the analogy though.. (being bound to slowly decaying physical bodies) but on the other hand, we're also the only place souls can grow and learn from mistakes. The other side seems more like a regenerative existence where we "upload" our experiences and knowledge learned during our time on earth into a central "brain". At least that's the impression I've gotten from talking to my "nephew" (for lack of a better term).

He's in high school now and is still quiet and thoughtful but doesn't recall our conversations earlier or pretends not to because it is likely uncomfortable and weird.


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