Pre-Birth Memory No.32

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A Small Orb of Energy

I am 52 years old, my memory came back to me about 12 years ago when I was in a state of deep meditation, but it felt like something I had always known.

I remember the period of time right before my birth, I remember feeling very excited and everyone there was very excited. I remember making choices and that time had no meaning there. It was as if everything is happening at once so I could choose to come back during any time period. I remember looking at something similar to t.v. screens where I could view my life. My cousin who was born about a month after me was there and she communicated to me, nonverbally, that she would be joining me soon and we did something that the only word I have for is hug, but we did not have bodies, we were brilliant light energy. I joined a circle of other souls around the tunnel. There was a guide who I think of as Jesus there with us, the person next to me was my best friend in second grade, there was a feeling of knowing everything we needed to know.

We descended the tunnel and my friend and I were, if we had hands, would be described as holding hands. My friend and I went our separate ways when we reached Earth. My energy level was much smaller here, I was a small orb of energy, I observed my mother in the delivery room and then I went outside the hospital and observed my grandparents and my aunt waiting for my birth. I thought of other family members and I went to visit them, there was a feeling of moving, but it was almost instantly and all I had to do was think about them.

I went back to the hospital and observed my grandparents again and then a voice, the same voice I've heard periodically throughout my life, the one that at times kept me out of serious trouble, said to me "it's time." I knew what it meant and I instantly went to my body and entered through my heart, there was a feeling of spreading out through my body. For a little while I could still see, and I remember seeing my grandparents looking at me through the window.

The next thing I remember is the guide that I think of as Jesus standing beside my cradle and it was as if he put his hand over my face and I went to sleep.



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