Pre-Birth Memory No.56

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A Very Powerful Source

I am a 30 year old male who has clear memories that have always stretched to birth and even before.

When I was a baby I remember thinking how happy and excited I was to have been born into a physical existence and how pleased I was that my thoughts were in English - I do not remember ever being aware of other languages or cultures. I was very frustrated that I could not express my thoughts with speech.

My pre-birth memory has always been a little strange and sketchy. I do not believe in reincarnation or that I ever existed in the physical realm before. I remember existing in a state that was not physical and I find it a little hard to describe. I remember existing to the right-hand side of a very powerful source and to the left of this source was another that was larger than me in some way. We seemed to be on a platform of some kind and there were 'others' beneath who appeared to be pre-destined human beings. All existed in a spherical form yet had defining characteristics that could be seen outside of the visual form - it is difficult to describe.

I remember being taken by the source to my childhood home and shown my siblings and parents. When passing over the 'others', I remember the love, hope and encouragement emanating from most of them but there were patches of 'others' who appeared to be sneering at me and emanating doubt, envy and judgement.

My state at this time, I remember as being new, different and wanting to experience the physical. I remember the source communicating with me but I do not remember what was said, the only thing I seem to remember of this, is a sense of warning and instruction. (I think the instruction was for observation and report??? - maybe that is why I study science, no I love the earth that is why I study science??) Whether this is a common experience and all 'others' go through this, but do not remember it, I am not sure.

I have always struggled to understand what the memories and experiences mean. I resolve this in my own mind by thinking that we all experience pre-mortality, physical mortality and then spiritual immortality - perhaps.


December 03, 2006


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