Pre-Birth Memory No.42

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Ancient Texts

I'm submitting my experience because I have not seen any others like it on your website. I too have a memory of my existence before I was born on earth. Although I remembered the more vivid details only recently, I have always had this memory but never gave it much thought until I began reading some books containing ancient texts that never made it into the bible canon.

I discovered a pattern of information that was hinted at in many of these texts. It concerns our having a pre-existence in heaven before we were born. As I studied these texts, such as The Gospel of Thomas and others, it began to give birth to a theology I had never had before and gave meaning to my memory of having a pre-existence in heaven before I was born.

I remembered standing on a cliff with another being looking out at the earth. This being was trying very hard to convince me that I had to go down to earth and I didn't want to go. I remember him saying that I had to go. I had no choice in the matter.

I asked him how long I would have to be there. He replied, "Not long, perhaps 60 or 70 years." I remember protesting loudly, "60 or 70 years! No, I can't do it!" I was very upset. I don't know how long we argued, but he was speaking in a calm tone trying to minimize the situation. I remember him saying that he would not let my life be as difficult as had originally been planned, since I was so worried about it, but that was all he would do. I still had to go.

I asked him if he would look in on me every now and then, to make sure I was alright, and he agreed he would. But he told me that I would probably not remember him or anything about my existence there. This surprised me, because I felt very close to him even though I regarded him as an authority figure. I insisted that I would not forget. I knew there was no way I could get out of having to go to earth and so I eventually gave in.

I think I jumped off the cliff and began falling rapidly. I was spinning all the way down and screaming. I was terrified. It was like I had fallen down a well or a vertical tunnel of some sort.

I don't remember being born, but I remember him visiting me from time to time when I was a child. I remember having conversations with him on several occasions. As I grew up, I began to perceive these visits as alien encounters and had several encounters that would come to be regarded as abductions throughout my life. Often, there were others with me, my parents and friends, even the band I was a musician in.

Each time I would have an encounter, we were told we would forget. These visitations kept occurring until about 20 years ago. I am now 50. I don't know why they suddenly stopped. Each time I had an encounter, I did forget afterwards, as I was told I would. However, I would eventually remember fragments and occasionally the entire experience.

When I was around 35, I bought a book by Bud Hopkins called Missing Time. It sparked a lot of memories lurking just below the surface in my sub-concious. One night, I asked my dad if he remembered a particular encounter we had together and he did.

I was overjoyed that he remembered because it gave me the satisfaction of knowing that it wasn't all in my head. I had known it was real all along, but had never until then gotten confirmation.

I wrote to Bud Hopkins and he phoned me a couple of weeks later. Before I knew it I was on my way to New York to see him. He introduced me to several others that had had experiences like mine. I underwent several regressive hypnosis sessions and had a psychological evaluation done to ensure that I wasn't crazy.

My case was well researched and subsequently published in a number of UFO books and journals. I never mentioned that I knew this particular being that I called Makai in a pre-existent life, because I don't think I really knew it then. This has been a journey for me, with bits and pieces of memory gradually being released. I still don't know where it is leading, and I may not find out until after I die.

Jack T.


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