After Death Communication No.4

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Calming Voice

From the time I was a very small child, around 2 or 3 years old, I would wake before anyone else in the house and I would lay awake in my bed and wait for someone to come and get me up. I remember that during these early mornings, I would hear someone call my name. I never looked for the person. I think I knew I wouldn't see them, but it was a calming voice and it always made me feel happy to hear it.

Then when I was 5 years old, I was asleep in my mother's bed. My father had already gone to work. I woke up and it was barely daylight. I heard the voice call my name and I looked to the window. There stood a man smiling at me...then he was gone. I never heard the voice or saw the man again after that. I can't remember if I told my mother about the incident but if I did she forgot....

Fast forward about 2 years and we had moved to a new home. My mother was unpacking a lot of things and I came across an old photo album. I looked thru it and there on a page was the same man I had seen smiling outside the window. I got up and ran to my mother and told her this was the man that had been outside the window. She told me that I couldn't possibly remember that man. She told me he was my brother who had been killed in a car accident when I was a baby...

The story isn't over tho. When I was 9 years old, I discovered by accident that I was adopted. My "mother" and "father" were really my grandparents on my father's side....the young man I had been told was my brother was actually my birth father. He had been killed in a car wreck when I was about a year old. And my birth mother had not been prepared to raise a child on her own. My grandparents decided to adopt me and not tell me I was their grandchild.

When I met my birthmother years later I told her of the experience and she was amazed. It seems that I had always been an early riser even as an infant and my birth father had always been the one to get up with me. She said that he once told her that his favourite time of day was the early mornings he and I spent together.

I have not felt my birth father's spirit since that time I saw him. I feel others who have passed on but never I believe that he has gone on to another life, but that he wanted to come and tell me goodbye before he did.


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