Near Death Experience No.5

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Car Wreck

My experience is nothing like what others wrote here.

I was in a car wreck in 1994, I thought to my self, Oh, so this is the way I
am going to die, I thought I was dying. I was not upset about it. My chest
was bruised deeply, collar bone out of place, every thing seamed to be slipping inside of me , I thought I was crushed, I was told the gristle in my chest was probably broken it would not show up in an X-ray. My back was broken and was rammed together permanently. One lung did not get air till two days later, heart was bruised. and other things wrong.

They had to cut me out of the car, while waiting, the people working out side of the car, disappeared in the form as human looking, they had their shape, all they looked like was thick sparks with a human shape, I seen their every tiny movement, there was no clothes on them, just sparks, I could see through them, I told the man at the car door, just as they got it open to put me on a board, that I could not see them, I did not explain i
seen them, that they was only sparks.



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