Pre-Birth Memory No.63

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The Case of Karim


Karim is a psychically gifted teenage son of a Dutch mother and an Egyptian father. He participated in Michel Kapteijns' TV-series Binnenstebuiten (Inside Out) about exceptional views and experiences of children.

Through Kapteijns we contacted Karim and his mother Veronica and interviewed them rather extensively in 2006.

Among the many special experiences Karim told his mother, there also were prebirth memories.

When Karim was approximately 4 years old, he told Veronica that he had chosen her as his mother. At the time, he had been able to fly, although he wasn't a bird. He flew into some kind of tree and that's when he saw his parents and was born with them.

The funny thing was that he saw them in a future situation, in a house where they would live after he was born.

Around the same age he added: “Mom, I came to earth on a blue ray. If you go to earth, you simply go there on the blue ray and that's how you are born. And I was born with you because I just knew you would understand me.”

Titus Rivas

March 27, 2009


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