Pre-Birth Memory No.62

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The Case of Vincent B

Vincent is a teenager who participated in a Dutch series by Michel Kapteijns about children which exceptional views and experiences, entitled Binnenstebuiten (Inside out).

After the series was broadcast, Anny Dirven and Titus Rivas of Athanasia Foundation contacted Kapteijns, and had several long interviews with Vincent in 2006 and 2007. Among many other things, Vincent told them that he had pre-existence memories.

When Vincent was about four or five years old, memories of a pre-existence suddenly came back to him. This was quite emotional for him and he almost had to cry because he felt so moved and overjoyed that he was allowed to recall those memories.

He realised that he already existed before he came to earth, “in heaven or in the afterlife. You are in some kind of universe, it was totally black.”

These memories were much clearer than any images you can see on television.

First, everything was black, but then he saw himself in his mother's womb. He only saw himself.

Just before he was born, he received some kind of explanation. It concerned a moment in time at which he was no longer able to make any choices, because he'd already chosen the parents

he was going to be born with. Before his physical birth, he received what seemed like a guided tour and was shown images, incomplete fragments of his parents and of himself, of the way he was going to be in the life to come. The images were not very rich, but Vincent does not exclude the possibility that he can only recall fragments of them. The images he saw of his parents seemed like photographs of what they would look like when he would be around the very age he remembered his pre-existence. In other words, they seemed to be images of the future, as if they were meant to announce what he should expect. “This is what you get for your money. You've made a choice, these are your parents, this is what they will look like. Good luck!”

After this, he was born, and the images and memories disappeared until he regained a particular level of self-awareness around the age of four or five.

Titus Rivas

March 27, 2009


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