Pre-Birth Memory No.53

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Cloud of People

I remember before I was born being in a cloud or a void, that's the best way I can describe it, and I seemed to be part of a large mass of souls, although there was no physicality to any of us, but we were all joined together though still individual. The best way I can describe it is the analogy of bread ingredients, flour, yeast, water, etc. are all separate --- but together, they make a new product.

It was very comfortable there, peaceful, and it seemed like "we" or "I" had all the wisdom in the universe, we understood everything. I was "told" by a man, but there was no face to see or voice to hear, it was like brainwave telepathies, that it was time for me to go. I was sacred and "said" (with no voice) that I didn't want to go. The voice was calm and "told" me I had to go because it was my time and that he would be with me, not to worry. All of sudden I was whizzing at the speed of light down a tunnel and the next thing I knew was looking up at a big bright green light. It was the light of the operating room, the kind from the old days (1960) with a green tint. I was screaming and mad at that light because I associated it with taking me from the peaceful, comfortable place where I had been with all the wisdom of the universe.

I was born in Springfield, MO. and my parents, when I was an infant, would often take weekend trips to visit relatives a few hours away. My mother has verified this story and it gives me credibility that my story is real. Anyway, we would always pass the airport at night and back then there were no car seats and my mom would hold me in her lap in the front seat so I had a perfect view straight up out of the windshield. When we got close to the airport and I could see the rotating beam of light up above, just like at birth, I can't think of what they are called, you know the big lights to signal airplanes, well it had a green tint to it and reminded me so exactly of the light I saw at birth that I hated. I would always scream, the kind of crying that a mother's instinct knows is pure fear or pain, my mother told me that she could never figure out why I would always cry like that when we passed that airport at night.

I have thought about this long and hard over the years and have told some people, but not a lot. What I believe (I am a firm believer in astrology) is that we come from a "cloud" of people, there are 12 for each house of the zodiac, and that we are a blend of other signs of that zodiac who have passed on before us from an earthly life. Just like the bread analogy, we are a mixture of different people, and that explains why a lot of us have memories of a former life, or reincarnation, because we maybe have a little bit more of a certain person blended into us.

I just watched a show on Discovery tonight about indigo children and crystal children who often remember communicating with their parents before birth and remembering pre-birth experiences like mine. That is what stirred me to research this topic and I found your website. I have always had psychic ability as do my two daughters and from my pre-birth experience I have never had a fear of death because I know where I came from and ---- if it is where I will go back to after death --- it is a good place.

I do believe in a God who is half man, half woman (I am part Am. Indian and that is, from what I've been told, how they believe) but most of how I feel comes from my heart, like the knowledge of an old soul, not church. I call myself spiritual, not necessarily religious, but I was raised Methodist. I also believe in pre-destination. God still "talks" to me in the way of my intuition and through animals and nature and the signals I get from them because I am a big animal lover and I love nature, God is in his purist form in nature.



August 12, 2006


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