Pre-Birth Memory No.31

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Communing with the Animals

I have had a memory all of my life that happened before I was born. My mother says I was born with a knot tied in my umbilical cord and the doctor revived me at birth?

Two memories actually one being what most people would call heaven in that there was a great assembly where the "Word" of God told us of a plan to redeem fallen man. I remember volunteering to help carry the message to those in this shadow world. I remember seeing the face of my mother there and one of my sisters too.

The other memory was I was walking down a forest path communing with the animals we went to a lake and sat on a log beside the lake there the creator told me of the coming of man and the awful changes that would happen to mother earth and all my relations." the living things" The animals and I discussed the change and what it would mean. Most were OK with the change after all the creator decided it. Bear was especially angry about the coming times and swore he would eat his brother this new man whenever he could.
That's it in a nut shell. I am 50 and never knew others had similar experiences before now.



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