Pre-Birth Memory No.39

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Concentric Rings

Hi, this is David Lemons. I was born 8/8/53.
I live in Eustis, Fl, a small town an hour north of Orlando.

I remember “sitting” in concentric rings. Actually, generally there were no bodies but circles or orbs of orange-black. The closest ring was three, then multiples of 7, perhaps.(7,21).

These “people” were involved in my plans for entry, the closest 3 seeming most actively involved.

Information was given to me that had me very excited and determined.

This was a time when I could gain very rapid acceleration of growth. I also could be freed of ribbons of karmic entanglement in one life. This was the personal level. On a global level I saw a picture of the Earth (as others have stated, it was exactly like what much later pictures of the Earth looked like).

The Earth began to “boil”, until the foam or bubbles boiled over. I was told that as I (and many others like me) raised my consciousness and healed myself, it would “help” the Earth rise into a higher dimension. This was not exactly in words, but in concepts (these actual words might have not been used). Of course this was in the 50’s that I remembered this, before some of these concepts (4th dimension, 2012, karma, etc.) were in common usage. It would work because all are one.

My teachers were cautioning me that it might be rash or dangerous to take on so much, that it could be spread out to be made easier, and that there was the danger I might be overwhelmed and actually put myself “backwards”.
There was also something to do with the astrological timing. Some members of my “group” had gone in 8 years before and more would again 8 years from “now”. If I waited I would have companionship of like mind.

None of this meant anything to me. I would listen to nothing and was zealously determined to go in now. The guides seemed to think I should listen more, but did not reprove me. They turned and went away. I felt a little guilty, but was relieved at their tolerance/patience.

I know one thing, I’ve learned my lesson now, I wish I would have listened. I’m burned out on growing!

So now, I am waiting. It seems like the stars or constellations must line up in a configuration that is the map or book of my journey. It’s not that it causes it, but rather out pictures it. At last everything clicks into place and I am ready.
I am sinking/floating down. I may be slowly rotating, on my back, face up, arms spread. It is like lazily falling through clouds. This is the process where the “forgetting” takes place. It feels similar to what happens under anaesthesia, when you want to test or resist, but your mind keeps drifting and then you are asleep.

I have scattered memories being in or out of the foetus. It felt confined and actually, boring. When birth came, I had been impatiently ready for hours or more (subjectively speaking). Finally, the process began, only to be halted in the canal. There may have been some entanglement with the umbilical cord, which may explain why I become terrified and suffocated trying to put on a tie. Eventually, the doctor used forceps, however so clumsily, it left rash/scratch marks on my face (a fact my mother later confirmed 35 years later). It also twisted my neck, which bothers me to this day.

As I came out, I was blinded by the bright light and annoyed by a loud booming sound, which I know was someone saying “It’s a boy!”

The walls were light green. There was the doctor and 2 nurses, one younger, one older. I “knew” the doctor was very sick/hung-over from drugs or alcohol, which was part of the reason I was injured by the forceps. He was just very relieved it was over for him. The older nurse was very loving and happy. The younger nurse was impatient and unimpressed, thinking about the date she was going on that night. My Mother was anesthetized unconscious.

35 years later, after going through many rebirthings, I realized I was in some kind of newborn nursery. Other babies were crying around me, which unnerved me. I angrily thought out something like “Where are you? You said you’d be here (or be with me). It may have been to “God” I was speaking. I felt very angry, frightened and betrayed. I vowed (what rebirthers call the life script) that I would never need anyone or ask for help (because it was too painful to be disappointed). Thirty years after this birth promise, I was in an alcohol rehab, where I mentioned I had difficulty asking or letting anyone help me. (Before this memory) The counsellor instructed I must put socks on my hands and ask for help to do what is needed. The session then broke up, and someone showed up at the door with the mail. The mail had to be opened publicly, for obvious reasons, and I was handed a brown paper wrapped package from my Mother. I opened it and inside was a bag of a dozen pairs of white socks!

David Lemons

August 02, 2005

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