Pre-Birth Memory No.18

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Deborah's Story

I remember being in a realm, of indescribable beauty and profound peace and joy.  It felt like an incredible spaciousness without boundaries...i was without a physical body, I was light.  And surrounding me were many orbs of the most incredible iridescent light.  We communicated via telepathy, and they endowed upon me such an extreme joy and support. There were many of them, and I was connected to all, a sense of belonging and knowing is the best way I can say this. 

I was standing at a ledge looking down at the earth, overcome with the most incredible emotions. I could see who my parents would be.. their expectant faces, I did not choose them but rather the opportunity..."the learning" that would be mine.  ..I too was filled with such gladness it is beyond expression, and my words here...they are like feeble attempts at truly capturing what I felt.  I will never forget this.   I then remember going through a spiralling tunnel and then a feeling of white static...I can only equate with the static of a TV that has no channel...and then I am aware, in a physical body, laying in the darkness of my crib.  My next earliest memory is at 3, and I remember the lighted Mary statue that would play music in the night, I felt comforted by it. 


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