Pre-Birth Memory No.17

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Dina's Story

Back in 1998, after a series of treatments which lasted for about a year, I finally became pregnant with a baby girl. Everything seemed to be OK with the baby but, nevertheless, I lost her when I was 6,5 months pregnant. The baby turned out to have a lot of serious problems, with an unknown origin, but the main feature were the deformed hands, with the thumb misplaced.

About three months after the loss, I was so desperate (and, being a spiritualist, my actions can be well understood) that I decided to talk directly with the spirit of my deceased daughter, and asked her to come back, no matter how. One month later, without any treatment at all, I was pregnant again and, this time, the pregnancy went OK and I had a beautiful baby girl (my only living daughter).

About two weeks ago, when we were preparing to go to bed at night, and my daughter was extremely relaxed, she faced me and said: "Do you remember when C (her name) was a little baby? She didn't want to come, because her hands were not right. But now, the hands are good !! Look !!". I was speechless. There was no way she could have known about the other baby, and definitely about the problem with the hands (only I and my husband know about it).

To complete the story, two days later she told me, also in a casual manner, that my grand-father (who's been dead for 22 years now) is going to be born again, because he's tired of waiting.


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