Pre-Birth Memory No.58

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Drawn To A Purpose

All my life, from a small child to now when I am 61 years of age, I sensed that we all pre-existed in another realm. I felt attracted to the pursuit of this.  Drawn to the meaning and purpose of this experience and why we all were "Called" to it.  I lacked the vocabulary back then that now I have gained over time.  It was as if I was lead to increase my vocabulary because one day I would need to express what I knew to be the truth.  I knew that at around the age of 50 I would begin to gather notes which eventually were recorded on cassette tapes and now transposed to CD's.  Not just reading, but expounding even further the insights given to me. 

   For a time, I entered into the religious scene attending Bible college.  I always felt something was missing in what they said.  Only half truths with fear of ever going beyond what theology dictated.  I went though the various denominations and eventually was lead to adventure out side the limitations and the fears they had. 

    Outside I found that my thoughts attracted more insights and experience of those insights.   I remembered!  I remember making promises to others to assist in the smooth transition through this life's experience and back again.  I was told the meaning a purpose behind this experience..."You will all be living expressions of the expansion of the Beloved."

    I remember asking, "What is meant by this?"  The reply was, "Who I AM and who you are, will be, in the original intent of this experience, expressed through a temporal material world.  One among many ages upon ages.  There will be "that" which will seek to disrupt this expression and expansion. Those who are chosen will over come this disrupter and assure an exit and way back guaranteeing its continual unfolding.  I AM with you always."

   This was only one of the many recalling assurances given to me to share with those I promised to assist in this experience.  I am not alone in this.  Others remember for a reason.  To assist those that may not remember.  To give this Temporal experience real meaning that reach beyond to a True Reality and goes on forever.  I have been told that this is "The Awaken".  An awakening from a sleep that hides us from a pre-existence and would seek to entrap us in a world originally intended to be temporary.  I would love to share with others the many typed up notes I have on file along with the CDís.  I know that to those to who I once knew in this other realm, I must do this, for I have promised to do so and this entry is the beginning of the meeting of that promised. 


Paul (Email: )

March 05, 2007


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