Clairvoyance No.1  

Driving Under The Influence

The only dead on dream that I've had was about 3yrs ago.  My little brother wanted a car, so I gave him mine as long as he took over the payments AND didn't get into trouble while driving it.  I told him it was his car as long as he didn't get any DUI's (driving under the influence) or something like that. 

I don't know how long he had had the car, but one night I had a dream that he called me and said, "Anna, I got a DUI", and I was really upset with him in the dream.  So, the next day, I was really upset by this dream, but unlike before, I didn't tell my Mom, I bet if I had, it might have prevented what was to happen.  I did tell my sister, however that day, and was like, "I hope that doesn't come true".

THE NEXT DAY, my brother called me and said, "Anna, I got a DUI".  I JUST STARTED SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was like, "I had a dream, I had a dream, if I only had told you, oh my gosh!!!"  I did tell my Mom after that, and she was upset only cause I didn't forewarn her.  But it was a lesson learned.

I have a lot of experiences of  déjà vu too, but have noticed since having kids I don't have a lot of those dream experiences AS MUCH anymore.  But occasionally I'll get a reminder of what might be.



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