Pre-Birth Memory No.36

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The Case of Elka du Pré

Around 1987, a Dutch girl of about 4, Elka du Pré (pseudonym), was talking with her grandmother while they were wahsing the dishes together. Elka spontaneously shared a secret with her grandmother, telling her: "Granny, I'm really very old and I already know a whole lot of things. I did not have to be reborn  anymore but I really wanted to be with you again." Her granfather witnessed this conversation.
Her grandfather sent me this experience and he stresses that although he and his wife both believed in the possibility of reincarnation, they had never discussed the topic with young children. Neither had Elka's parents.
Titus Rivas

(This case was contributed by Titus Rivas, a Dutch researcher, who would like to hear from others with similar experiences. To contact Titus, please click here.)

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