Pre-Birth Communication No.13

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Four Pregnancies

I have a few on 4 pregnancies. My first pregnancy, was with my eldest son who is 3 1/2 now. I dreamt that when I was 5 months pregnant with him that I went into labour at night and my stomach was cut open ( like a c-section). Since this was my first pregnancy, I wanted to deliver vaginally, after my son became in distress a c-section was performed. I long forgot about the dream until after.

My third son communicated with me in a dream, I was at my childhood home with my 1st son and an object was moving all around my room, I got scared and tried to kill it, it moved to my mother's room and she said, "stop!! this is a baby left over from your 1st pregnancy and I have been taking care of him so he can grow". (the object looked like a foetus at 1 month), she began rocking it, saying "shh , shh", and suddenly he grew, into a toddler. He was golden blond and had features of my 1st son, and the stocky body of my second son. I told everyone about the dream and everyone laughed. But I insisted it was a baby coming to me. Well I got pregnant and remembered that dream , when I told everyone that he will be blond, blue eyed, and bigger than my other son's were, they said , "yeah right". Well when he was born he had huge blue eyes and golden brown hair. Now a year and a half later he looks as when he appeared to me in my dream, golden blond, tall, and stocky body, and he is bigger than my other sons.

My last dream is sad. After learning I was pregnant for the 4th time, I wanted a girl, but I had not had any dreams until one night I dreamt I was 5 1/2 months pregnant when I was rushed to the hospital, no one would tell me what was wrong, I was told the baby was going to be born and I said , "no, no, it won't survive at 23 weeks, it hasn't developed lungs , no no it's too soon". Well, much like the dream at 16 1/2 week for an unknown reason I went into premature labour and lost a daughter. I had to go through labour since I was so far dilated.


January 14, 2007


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