Pre-Birth Memory No.44

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Free Floating

I remember a time in my own life that has been with me since the beginning of time for my self here.
As I do know it.
I recall everything being at first total blank for me here.
Then that's when my real life had to start for me, I had no biological parents to me here at that time.

I had found my self free floating on my back forward in time at a slow speed so to speak here and all of a sudden something above my right shoulder caught my attention here.

And that was a large patch of bright blue sky itself above me here.
With a very large beautiful white fluffy cloud over the left side of the blue sky itself.

Then there was the brownish to darkish areas to its sides that you could not see through and then this man's voice started to talking here to me.

And I looked up over my right shoulder to see where his voice was coming from to me at.
But I could not find no one there and not even a face of a person who was talking to me here.
But I was still going forward here and then I felt this falling sensation to me here.

I had raised up perpendicular.

as to where I was at, in this place here.
And I could see my feet then and I was fully dressed in clothing here where I was at.
Looked like I then had shoes on my feet as well and street clothes as well in this area where I was at.
I was falling towards this green grassy area Where I was at.
And I saw in this area a young boy in this grassy area its self as to where I was at.
I was falling down towards this same grassy area where this young boy was  at out in front of me here.
I landed on the ground with grass up to my knees and was at the same time calling this young back to me but he just kept going ahead of me here.

There was these large broken white columns on the ground there along side of me and I was running here trying to catch up to this young boy here but he just kept going ahead of me here.

I tripped over this column I call a broken marble like column that was laying in the deep grass its self along side of me here.
I hit the left side of my left knee on the side here which hurt a little but I got up to my feet here and went to chasing this young boy here with all my might but he stayed out in front of me any way here.
I kept calling him here and it seemed like he was interested in one thing and that was somewhere in front unknown to me here.

Next thing I saw was people walking in two's towards this broken down column area going past it and in to this large door where a lot of growling is coming from at.

The columns them selves are a diamond cut shape here.
We end up going through this crowd and on to the Bushes and the trees there where we were at.
The little boy had gotten up and he ran off in to the puffy black to a grey and fluffy black area here in front of where I was at.

Then this loud area voice had started growling here at me again so I thought it best I get up and keep going and it also felt like rain was  hitting me on the cheeks here in these small trees and small bushes.

I went out in to this grey like area and there was this boy way out ahead of me.
I called to him to please come back before he got hurt or hurt his self.
Of course he disappeared on me here never to be seen again.


Then it was my turn for what ever was waiting for me here where I was at.
Because this young boy then had disappeared on me here never to be seen again by me.
The people who were in the green grassy area were walking hand in hand here in to this area.
They couldn't be seen either Male and Female in to this open door way its self.
Till they disappeared on me here too.
I was in this smoky like mist then for my self here.
Then all of this disappeared on me as well.

The next thing I recall is being inside of this dark tunnel like void then all of a sudden there was a small lit up area here and a very large head aick with a squeezing sensation of a sharp pain on my head which went away almost immediately.

Then my head had stoped hurting here.
And I had this large lumb slide across my nose and mash it for me here.
Then that went away on its own and I could see this large leg out in front of me which told me I had shrunk from a mere four foot in height to a baby size and I had went from running as a child to a baby in size.
This was my own biological birth I was looking at here as well to my mother here.
I do remember the doctor had kept me from falling to the floor of the hospital room its self.
But I was disoriented and did not know for sure where I was at and all of a sudden my seat had a sudden burning sensation to it where it had been hit.

I did not talk till I was 5 to 7 years old as a child.




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