Pre-Birth Memory No.50

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Green Towel

I am 60 years old and I had long forgotten that I had once had pre-life memories. I came across a story of a small girl asking her baby brother what heaven was like because she was starting to forget. It hit me like a kick in the gut. I now remember when I was 5 or 6 asking JB, my older brother and my mother about my pre-life memories and them telling me that pre life memories was not possible. I tried to develop a plan to make sure I would never forget. I visualized placing my pre life memories in a blue crystal box and storing it in a way that I would have to come back and see the memory box. I challenged my brother to see which one of us had the best memory. I told him to name an object, any object, and he chose "towel", I amended it to "green towel" and the test commenced. Every 6 months or so at first and then with decreasing frequency, JB or I would say "green towel". For him, it was just another form of competing with his younger brother. For me, it was the cu!

e to review my memory box. The memory test with my brother, although we mention it about every couple of years. At age 11, I forgot, maybe chose to forget the private purpose of the green towel as a memory aid.

For the past 20 or 30 years I have had a reoccuring dream. A park like setting, children playing in the river, minature trains and a big tall black mountain by the stream, The mountain has an entryway into it. Once you buy a ticket, a guide will show the public the The History of Mankind. One walks with the tour group through winding tunnel with polished black walls, floor and ceiling. There are exhibit rooms along the way showing important epochs in mankind. Actually all of the epochs are periods of my own life. One doesn't have to be a shrink to figure out the the black mountain is me and the history of mankind is actually my personal history. In the hallway, hidden behind a green drape was a side passway headed downward. The guide will show the passway to anyone that asks but no one ever asks because no one knows it is there. The guide told me that he doesn't have to inform the public of the existance of the side passageway because they only pay to see the histor!

y of mankind and this passway goes back to pre history. The guide says that protecting the treasure in the side passage was the sole reason why the Museum of the History of Man was built. Once down the passageway one sees the blue gem on display in a niche cut into the wall, protected by safty glass and lit up by spotlights.

It was only with my recent remembering of the signicance of the green towel, that I was able to make the connection between the blue gsem and the blue glass memory box, the green drape and the green towel.

I now recall something about not wanting to be born because life was long, hard and painful. I was promised that I would have JB there to protect me. I was promised that I would be born at one of the best times of history, best location, with beautiful, smart and loving parents. There are also some half-memories of colored boxes or cubicles, I half-remember beautiful madonas comforting and reassuring me that life would be okay for me.

I know that I have other memories buried, and am trying to dig them up. Currently, I am almost in a state of shock that I had such buried memories in me.


April 24, 2006


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