Pre-Birth Memory No.5

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Kees M. (pseudonym) is a Dutch boy who in 1988, at the age of two became regularly excited for no apparent reason, shouting: “My heart did not work anymore, then I started growing in the tummy and then my heart started working again!” At the age of about  4 he told his mother he had memories of dying as a soldier. He first lost all of his comrades and then he was hit by a bullet, which did not kill hem though. He remembered seeing his enemy approaching and felt a lot of pain until he was hit for the second time, after which he died.

Only in 1993, at the age of 7 he completed this account with his memories of an intermission period. He clearly felt reluctant to talk about them. He told his mother that when you die, an angel comes to take you to God, who was pure “goodness”, the “Big Light” and “humour”. It was very difficult to describe the other world. It did not fit on any slide and could not be drawn with crayons.

He added that he had had his own spot near a beautiful blue waterfall, which streamed over and under a flower-bed, and there were wonderful fruits hanging from the trees nearby, which tasted better than all the mars bars and candy of the world taken together. 

Kees had not felt like reincarnating and resisted the angels who tried to convince him it would be for his own good. They practically pushed him –though they did so lovingly- back to earth, as it was time for him to get to work again. The angels told him: “You know, when you go to earth, you will be accompanied by assistants”. He would be protected after he returned. The “Big Light” told him: “To make a good life is your own responsibility.”

Titus Rivas

(This case was contributed by Titus Rivas, a Dutch researcher, who would like to hear from others with similar experiences. To contact Titus, please click here.)

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