Pre-Birth Memory No.33

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My Favourite Number

My pre-life experience started about 8 years of age. As I got older more and more memories started to come back to me. I know, most people remember more when their younger and less as they get older. I don't know why I'm different.

My memory started when I was about 8 years old. I remember talking to 3 other spirits. Standing possibly floating looking down at earth. We could see very clearly everyone's lives and everything they were dealing with. Good and bad alike. What we were doing was looking into the future. Trying to decide which life to choose. I remember the feeling I had, it was very important to pick the right life. My feeling is this is my last trip, out of many that I've already had. I remember one of the spirits telling me I would not remember any of this and they were telling me I would forget once in the womb. I told them Don't worry I figured out a way to remember. Which is why I feel I've been on many trips before. I felt that I had figured out a way to remember this time.

Well I did remember, I remembered everything except the reason why I picked this life. Now let me tell you how frustrated it was to go through life remembering everything but the most important part.

Then at about 10 years old. My sister was into baseball and her favourite number was her favourite player and the same went for my mother. I asked them what a favourite number was. They told me it can be anything. A birth date, a special date, a player, it was to be your special number. Well I didn't have a special number, I was not into baseball or anything sporty with numbers. I didn't want my birthday or a date for any reason. So I just picked a number that came to the top of my head, number 38.

As I grew up I never told anyone of my memory. I knew people would think I was crazy. So I just kept it to myself and tried so very hard through the years to remember the reason why I was here.

Well into my 30's I met a person that was addicted to heroin. This friend almost died 2 times from overdoses before I met them. I tried to teach this person some skills. As we got to know each other a little better they asked me for my help, to help them get off of drugs. Oh yah, like I know anything about drug abuse, and getting someone un-addicted to drugs. I accepted the challenge that turned out to be a 4 years struggle but that person now is drug free and a very important person at their job and in my life. We've known each other for almost 19 years now.

One day about 5 years ago I decided to tell this person about my pre-birth memory. They laughed at me but they said they also felt connected to me and knew they were suppose to stay in my life for some reason.

Next I was looking forward to my 38 birthday. It was my favourite number and I was expecting something special would happen. Oh boy was I right, but it was not special. Just before I turned 38 I got hit with Fibro myalgia. The worse case any doctor in this area ever saw. One day in my sleep I awoke to a severe pain in my thumb and my back. So bad I went to the ER. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a great fear of hospitals, I have to be in dieing pain before I would walk through those doors.

The doctor said I strained myself at work and gave me pain pills, put a splint on my thumb and sent me home. Well I know I didn't hurt myself at work, but they convinced me I did. I went to work the next night, using my pain pills. My thumb didn't hurt but my back still did. As the night went on it got worse. At lunch I told my boss I was going home, I was in too much pain. By the time I got home which was a 1/2 hour drive away, I stepped out of my car only to fall to the ground. Both my legs were in so much pain I could not stand. I had to crawl at 4 am up the street, up my sidewalk, up my stairs and try and reach to unlock my door. A 30 second walk took me 1/2 hour. When I finally got the door opened I was screaming in pain yelling upstairs to my roommate, who was the person I got off of drugs. They rushed me to the ER once again. The doctor again gave me pain pills and sent me home.

Two days later, while just laying in bed, not doing anything but reading my medical book searching for answers. My foot started hurting like my thumb and my back. My work sent me to a place that handles medical work related problems. My son carried me to my car and into the building. The doctor made me walk on my foot to the x-ray room. Trying to keep my weight on the one good foot toeing my way with my bad foot. I was in soooo much pain crying all the way. The x-ray showed nothing wrong with my back, finger or foot. The doctor said it was all in my head and that was what he was going to put in the report for work. He gave me more pain pills which didn't make sense to me because it was suppose to be in my head according to him. He also put a brace on my foot and sent me to a place that would put hot and cold pack therapy on my foot. It was very painful and didn't do anything to help the pain, instead it got worse.

The next day when I woke up my foot was swollen like a balloon. My toes were sticking up in the air swollen. I went back to show the doctor that said it was all in my head. He wasn't there but his boss was. I told him how bad the doctor treated me making me walk on my foot and saying it was all in my head. His boss's eyes about popped out of his head when he saw my foot. He said that doctor will never work there again.
Well again I was sitting at home in pain with my thumb, back and foot hurting when 2 days later my right arm started to hurt just as bad as everything else. My roommate again rushed me to the ER. They were on the phone having a 3 way conversation with Disease Control. One in Washington or is it Georgia?, and one in Los Angeles. No one was able to figure out what was wrong. They put a sling on my arm gave me a shot and sent me on my way.

Once again after 2 more days passed it finally happened what ever attacked the parts of my body finally attacked my entire body. I was feeling the pain from head to toe. I went to my family doctor. Who could not figure out what was happening to me. He admitted me into the hospital. They did all kinds of tests for 4 days and let me go home. I passed every test with flying colours. But I was still in pain.

It all was so severe that my family thought I was dieing. My mother called the adoption agency trying to find my natural mother to find out my medical history. They would not help.

One day my mother saw an article in the newspaper that sounded like what I had. I called a Rheumatologist. He was not better but did work with me and said I might have Fibro myalgia. After living with this pain for a year. I thought I was going out of my mind. Then it dawned on me my conversation in heaven. When they told me I would not remember I said I had a way to remember. The number 38 was suppose to be my warning that this was going to happen, the reason I was here.

After 7 years of total pain, I finally found something that took my pain away all on my own. I was able to think clearly once again. I remembered the reason I picked this person. I was suppose to learn how to deal with pain. I remember more of my conversation with the other spirits. I pointed to the life I wanted to have. As they checked it out they said that's an awful lot of pain to deal with. Are you going to be able to handle it? My reply to them was, Yes, I think I can. I think I will be able to. I have to!

Heaven is a wonderful place but watching and learning is different than life's experience. In heaven you grow to understand each other by learning something here on earth. You learn to love one another more in heaven by living each life's lesson. You can talk about pain but until you actually experience it you really don't truly understand what pain is. That was my goal, my choice was to learn about pain. To live the pain and overcome the pain and to understand other peoples pain.

Another memory I got about 2 years ago was one of the spirits said they would be right behind me to help me. That spirit I do believe is my roommate. (who is 9 years younger than I am) Where the other two spirits are that I was talking to just might be my children or my grandchildren in this life. Inside I feel we have special spirits that we travel through these different lives with. They might be a cousin in a past life. They might be a mother or a father in a future life. Or just a very close friend. But you do have your group that you help get through each life's lesson.

I think my adopted father was one of the spirits of my group because when he died he told my mother to watch over me and take good care of me. That there was something special about me. He had another adopted daughter. But he only said that about me just before he died. She never told me this until about 1 year ago and he died when I was 13. I am now 48 years old.

I learned my lesson and when someone talks about their pain I truly do understand what they are going through. I have compassion for people that suffer. Had I not experienced this I wouldn't have the compassion I have today. This is one lesson I do not want to repeat, what I'm saying is we have a reason for being here and we choose the lessons we want to learn. Some make it and some will not.

As time went on I started remembering the feelings I had in heaven. LOVE is the strongest feeling. The love you feel and give is so wonderful. Coming back to earth is exciting and scary at the same time. It's hard to leave all that love but you know you need to come back. Learning life's lessons is a great gift. It's all so hard to describe. It's like heaven is the best place because it absorbs all the lessons from every person living. Everyone talks about the book of knowledge. That book is every persons life that ever lived. It's all knowing in every imaginable situation that could ever happen.

I think I'm coming to the end of my lessons. Saving the hardest lesson for last. Once when I was young I saw a psychic. They told me I was an old soul and this was my last trip. At the time I didn't understand what they were talking about I was just a teen. I now understand what she meant. All my questions have been answered in the past 5 year. Everything I didn't understand is a clear as day now.



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