Pre-Birth Communication No.11

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My Husband's Grandfather

Here is my story. I have been using the Ouija Board for about a year now and for the longest time there is this one little spirit that claims he will be my son. Ok, but here is the weird part, he said he is coming back as my son - he is my husbands grandfather that passed away more then 25 years ago. I know a lot of people don't like the boards but I do. I have voices that I have gotten on the recorder when we have sessions. Now I have diabetes, Hypertension - they do not go well with pregnancy and to mention I am 37 years old. Does anyone believe that a relative can come back as their grandchild's child? I do believe in reincarnation. Here is also another funny part. I have 2 children - my oldest is 17 (son) and my daughter is 7. I had only one menstrual cycle in the 10 years between my 2 children. Now here's another funny part. I had been getting my menstrual cycle since November 2005, which I have never been regular like that without taking birth control pills. Ok, now this!

Since this dream is associated with this experience I am so worried that if I do get pregnant I will not survive and I will be leaving 3 children behind, so this dream I had was so amazing and so real feeling. I was dreaming that I was looking out my front door and Jesus came down from heaven, his feet never touching the ground, left a bottle of blue juice on the ground for me to pick up and drink it. So I did and I felt better then I have in a long time. Now at the time of the dream I was suffering with headaches because of my hypertension and with a bad toothache - I was trying to get money together to have it pulled but I don't need to right now cause it does not bother me at all. The headaches have gone away also.


March 04, 2006


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