Pre-Birth Memory No.6

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Dutch girl called Myriam was about three, when around 1965 she told her mother about a previous life as an older girl in a desert-like environment. She recalled her parents and her brothers and sisters and told that she was struck by a sand-storm. Also, she recalled having seen a tunnel when she died, and after that "a beautiful world and peace".

Myriam even recalled being drawn to earth again, as if by a strong magnet, and remembered a mixture of joy, pain and pressure when she was born.

A remarkable aspect of this case is that many years later, when Myriam had to undergo a caesarean, she had an Near-Death Experience. She did not see a light or a tunnel, but was attracted by some kind of music and warmth. She experienced a beauty beyond words. There were beautiful trees, plants and flowers. She felt an endless peace and relaxation. There were some beings around, but she was too absorbed by the beauty of it all to get in touch with them. She had a wonderful feeling of bliss and thought: “What a beautiful place!” She really wanted to stay there. But she had to return.

Myriam is convinced that her Pre-Birth Memories and her Near-Death Experience all relate to the same realm.

Titus Rivas


(This case was contributed by Titus Rivas, a Dutch researcher, who would like to hear from others with similar experiences. To contact Titus, please click here.)


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