Pre-Birth Communication No.9

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New Life

When I was 21 I had a dream that my boyfriend said to me. "I am going to give you a new life." A week later I discovered that I was pregnant. What is interesting is that I was in deep pain in my loins the day before I went to the hospital. That night in severe pain I saw images of what looked like blisters on skin. The next day I was diagnosed with genital herpes and in the doctor's next breath he told me that I was pregnant.

Being young and uneducated about the whole experience I had my mom put me in a relaxed state so that I could talk to my baby in the womb. I wanted to know that he or she was all right. I also saw the hand of who I believe was Jesus placing his hand over my body to give me comfort so that I could sleep and keep the baby safe.

I had people suggest that I get an abortion which I did not do. I swore that I would endure the pain to see that the baby was born. A week before he was born all of my sores miraculously were gone and I was told that it would be safe to deliver the baby vaginally. The next week he was born 2weeks early safe and I believe him to be an indigo child.


May 13, 2005


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