Pre-Birth Memory No.34

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When I was quite young I used to sleep alone in a very dark room and I used to have a very strange feeling. My limbs felt very heavy and I could feel my hands as though they were very big and I could hear a voice shouting "push". As I was very young I did not think anything of it but it just used to happen every now and again and then years later I saw someone giving birth and I remembered the word push and the heavy splayed feeling that my hands had and the dark room and realised that it was a pre-birth/birth experience. I am 100 per cent telling the truth about this but no one believes me. I can take a lie detector or any other test to prove I am telling the truth.

I also remember being a young child and floating on the ceiling in what might have been a previous life but I am not as sure about this as the birth memory.



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