Pre-Birth Communication No.10

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Rocking Sofa

My son Robbie and Alison were trying to have a baby. The odds of them ever of having their own baby was slim. I asked God to look into the hearts of our Son and Alison, I asked God to send them a miracle.

A few months after my prayer to God,

I dreamed that I was holding an infant, I knew this was the child of my son, a child of my heart. I was sitting in my living room, in a rocker that was very cumfy. I wondered why the rocker was so soft, I looked at the rocker and seen that it was a rocking loveseat. I held this tiny baby, wearing a blue blanket. I tried to see his eyes. At that moment I awoke, feeling sad and empty. The dream felt so real that I cried.

Later that evening, my husband and I went shopping for new dressers for our bedroom. While waiting, I noticed that my husband was sitting on the rocking sofa that was in my dream. I insisted that we buy the living room set, as I felt if I did not buy this set our grandson in my dream would not be born. We streched our megar budget to buy this livnging room set.

A few months later, I visited with my youngest daughter who lives out of state. I was helping her to prepare for her wedding. While in Ohio, I noticed that my period was almost a month overdue. A few days later my son Robbie called to tell me Alison took the pregnacy test and it was showing she was pregnant! But they still needed to confirm this with the doctor. I was so EXCITED! I told Robbie he was going to have a son.

Alison gave birth to Michael 2 months early. He was born in Oct 2005. I wanted to see Michaels eyes but they were covered in the ICU Michael came home a month later. I held him for the first time, wanting to see his eyes. I felt better after seeing his eyes. ( IN MY DREAM I COULD NOT SEE HIS EYES) I knew he would be ok. And I thank God for sending this little Miracle. But I do not understand why, or who let me see my grandson before he was born?? He looks exacltly like the baby in my dream.


January 21, 2006


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