Pre-Birth Memory No.11

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Ross Willingham: Such Love, Joy, and Happiness

I have carried a pre-birth memory for as long as I can remember. The following account sounds as though it were full of biblical clichés, but there are no other words to express this experience. Here is my feeble attempt:

I remember a "room" that seemed to be a basement of some type. Steps led from above down into this room, which had no ceiling, no floor and only one wall. The wall was made of rock and the steps were a sandy white color. The room held what I remember to be myself and countless others packed together very tightly - yet even so, we were without form and had no beginning. We had been in that room from what seemed like the beginning of time - but this also seemed like only a few moments.

Periodically, a "being," also without specific features, would "walk" down the stairs. The room was full of incredible excitement and joy at the appearance of this being. Everyone in the room had the desire to be "chosen" and to go along with this being. Each time, the being would select one of "us" (and only one) and "it" would carry us up the stairs. There is simply no way to describe this being.

However, there is much to tell about the duration of the stay in that room. This is where more biblical clichés come along. All of us were devoid of any shape or form that could be identified or described. I had no eyes, yet I could see. I had no ears, yet I could hear. Time stood still, yet time passed quickly.

There was such amazing anticipation of going with this individual that it seemed like an eternity, yet in other ways it seemed to be only a few minutes. The anticipation was filled with joy at the appearance of the being and yet such disappointment that only one was chosen each time. I remember the occasion I was "selected" and was carried up the steps - such excitement and joy - but that is the conclusion of my memory. There is no memory of arriving at the top of those steps.

I do not remember when the memory began; it has always been with me. There does not seem to be a starting point for it. The biblical similarities are those of a supreme being, omnipotent - and such love, joy and happiness in the presence of this being. Other similarities seem to be aspects of another dimension, difficult for us to understand, such as eternity (time standing still, yet passing very quickly); being able to see, but having no eyes; being able to hear, but having no ears.

As for telling anyone...I never told anyone until I was about twenty-five years old.

(This is an extract from Elisabeth Hallett's new book -  "Stories Of The Unborn Soul". To contact Elisabeth, please click here.)


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