Pre-Birth Memory No.51

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Sand Box

Hi, my memory of life like the other people on your page started before I was born. I honestly cannot remember it as vividly as when I was a child, I have a feeling as decades pass we truly remember things less and more remember remembering them.

So what I remember sincerely remembering since I was a child was a first memory of walking around in clouds. In the memory I am a small child and the cloud like atmosphere I am walking around in is, well almost unbelievable. I would think that heaven or a pre-birth spot would not be like clouds in the sky you can walk on, it seems childish and like something someone would make up, but its what I remember.

Now I'm walking around and I don't have a clear indication of anything before this, I am thinking to myself "this must be heaven, and if this is heaven, where is the sandbox and other children to play with". So I keep walking around looking for a sandbox or something. This is strange to me that I don't really have a sense of who I am or where I've come from at this time, but I know that I want to play in a sandbox and I'm probably in heaven.

One idea I have is that if we have previous lives maybe I died as a child. Why I wouldn't remember that life in the "heaven" stage I don't know. This walking around doesn't last for long, maybe 2 minutes. Then I hear a booming voice from all around that says "ROBIN". I heard it inside my head as well as from my ears. And I got the immediate impression that I was being given my identity, God or whatever had put the name I'd be known as on me and maybe I'd been given characteristics or a path or something like that.

As soon as this happened the ground/clouds opened up under me and I started getting sucked under. This is when my memory cuts off. The whole things sounds unrealistic to me, clouds, being sucked into the ground, I would think it was a poor attempt at lying if someone else told it to me.

My next memory is what I think was in uterus. Everything is black and reminds me of a cave and I have a sense that I'm inside my mom. This memory doesn't last long at all. After this I remember what I believe to be shortly after I was born, perhaps a few days. Laying on my moms lap while she talks to my aunt about me. I can barely open my eyes to see anything but I still have a kind of developed child consciousness.



June 16, 2006


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