Pre-Birth Memory No.4

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Shai Simpson-Baikie

Shai Simpson-Baikie is a Jewish girl of American parents living in Amsterdam. Around 1993, at a the young age of about 3 she had extensive, though unverifiable memories of two previous lives. Both seem to be related to the persecution of Jews, more concretely to the Holocaust and the Spanish Inquisition in Lima, Peru. Although the case remains "unsolved", it shows the same structure as classical solved cases of the reincarnation type and probably includes some paranormal knowledge and therefore it seems justified to interpret it as a real case of reincarnation memories.

Apart from the memories of earthly events, Shai also had memories of a realm after death. She remembered that (in another world) there were various 'villages' (sic). Of a few of those villages she mentioned the name. There were five villages which apparently carried a Hebrew name, and one village with a Yiddish name. Most of them seem to be related to the doctrines of the Jewish mystical system of Kabbalah. These locations were called respectively: Kfar-El, Ha-Bina, Na'iva, K'vananot Midierot, Yachasim Kvanim, and Adenberg. Apparently, Kfar-El was the most important village, becaus Ha-Bina and Na'iva were part of this place. When Shai came to Kfar-El, a lot of other Jews also arrived there. She stated that all of them had been killed by the 'hunters'. Leora identified Kfar-El through her knowledge of modern Ivrit as 'village of God', although she had never heard this word in Israel. Shai was the first who used this word in her presence.

About Ha-Bina and Na'iva, Shai stated that all spiritual beings came from Ha-Bina. It may seem that spiritual beings came from Na'iva because of the ('topographical') location of this place.

Ha-Bina is something of a scary place because it is located in another solar system (sic). There is also a planet that is called Ha-Bina (sic). The spiritual beings speak a different language, a language nobody on earth knows. The spiritual beings try to contact us and they can do so by 'focussing' (sic). They keep their hands up and look between their fingers to see us.

In Hebrew, Yachasim means something like relations or contacts. Kvanim (plural of) kavanah can mean intention, devotion or goal. Kvanim also has a specifically kabbalistic meaning, namely sacred intentions which accompany the kabbalistic thoughts during the mere fulfillment of precepts or prayer. The word "Na'iva" could not be traced by Shai's mother Leora, though an association with the English word 'naive' can hardly be suppressed.

"Ha-Bina" is identical to the Hebrew word "Binah", one of the manifestations of God according to Kabbalah, so that the researcher of this case decided to place a call on a Kabbalah Forum on the Internet for interpretations of these statements made by Shai about an intermission period. A person who called himself Simon the Yid, responded to this call writing among other things that according to Kaballah just as there are many different towns, villages and countries in this world there are also many towns, villages and countries in the next world. Everything we know down here, also exists up there. He also stressed that Ha Binah means "the understanding", and interestingly enough it would often refer to the next world.

Then, Shai also mentioned the place Adenberg. A list of Polish-Yiddish surnames included the names "Ajdenberg", "Eidenberg" and "Ejdenberg". Leora, Shai's mother, also sees a symbolical link with the bible, "Aden" or "Eden" referring to the Garden of Eden, which is mentioned by the prophet Ezechiel as Mount Eden.

Shai stated in 1998, shortly before she appears to have lost these memories: "Kfar El chose us (sic) to choose the planet where we wanted to go and that is why we are here. With 'us' I mean the people from Kfar El and maybe even Jewish people."

She also had memories of an intermission period which related to her possible Peruvian life.

There was a woman called "Rilliyanta dela Salamon", or at least this is what Leora had understood. In that other world Rilliyanta dela Salamon wrote down things for Jews and Christians, according to Shai. The word Rilliyanta (English spelling) might be related to a Spanish word "releyente" which means someone who rereads something. The word is not included in Spanish dictionaries though it may be derived from the verb releer (to reread). The symbolism of writing down  a person's acts in an otherwordly book is widely known in many cultures and so is reading that same book after death.

Titus Rivas

(This case was contributed by Titus Rivas, a Dutch researcher, who would like to hear from others with similar experiences. To contact Titus, please click here.)

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