Near Death Experience No.4

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Spontaneous Astral Projection

I would like to share a near death experience I had early this year (2004). I was overcoming the sudden death of my father, and was depressed a lot because of other things. I was unable to eat for days, because of depression, and was surviving on coffee. That was in fact giving me insomnia.

Then I had a deep sleep. And around 12.00 am , I was out of my body, like I was floating in air. I could look all around the room . I thought I have died, and could see a silver light that was attaching me to my physical body. But after a while I returned to my body and found myself sweating in bed.

Some days later I found a website , where I learnt that it was spontaneous astral projection. And I can learn how to do it on will. I joined the free courses offered at the site , and I have been able to consciously project out of my body and walk around the house. It is just like as in the physical world.

The site is or There are various free courses offered at .


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