Pre-Birth Communication No.15

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The Intelligent Force

I have had numerous experiences of recalling past lives, and even a near death experience about 3 years ago (2003). But what I wanted to write about is a very unique experience which happened this year while I was in Hawaii.  It gave me a profound understanding to the  soul, to creation and to the delicate parameter of out mind.  I say mind because it was so expansive that I thought I would never be able to integrate the awareness, and perhaps "lose it."  This taught me reverence for going into the mysteries. 

So here is what happened.  My boyfriend and I were vacationing in Hawaii. We have been talking about having children and were in the process of consciously conceiving, calling in a soul to come through.  One evening while relaxing and some conversation suddenly like a meteor hitting me, like lightning or thunder I lost my identity, there was nothing but blackness, void of image, form, meaning, love even.  I knew nothing. As if the whole universe came to a holt.  There were possibilities of anything spiralling out of the centre of this void but they never did.  I knew I could not move, influence, create from here.  There was a force- something intelligent that needed to call anything out of the velvety blackness.  I did not say much as I sat there on the couch with David.  He became frightened as he recognized this place.  My awareness floated detached.  "Am I ever going to come out of here?", "Is this a threshold I am crossing?" He started to remind me of our love and asked me to come back. I said "I don't know you."  I was so much in the polarity of our relationship and recognized that in this place the incredible love I felt for him did not exist.  He was like one of those spiralling forms in the void, meaningless.  Then I heard a voice saying "That's enough. You are not to stay here any longer."  Everything contracted, and began moving like a train.  I became softer.  I began to feel my emotional body, and although silent I reconnected with David. Once more human flesh, bonding, rhythm. He mentioned later he knew this place very well, and felt like he stayed there for years in his life. I was frightened till the next day.  Wondering about the frailty of my own mind; but it all passed.  In retrospect, I understood that love is that intelligent force which pulls non-existence into existence.  Somehow I struggled with that.  "That's it", I thought "Love is the creative force behind the universe, behind our human soul.  I knew that if we were to conceive a baby as he or she sat in that velvety black void it was our love which called him forth and helped him ground, helped him manifest. 

I knew conscious loving relationships were so important in conception and now I can see how easily the soul can stay in the inertia of the void. 
Two weeks later I sensed our baby around our home. He came to me  in a lucid awareness letting me know who he was.  I wasn't sure we conceived, but shortly after that I was indeed pregnant.  I am expecting his birth on January 22, 2007. 
I wanted to mention that I have come across a few people whom I've worked with (I'm a chiropractor) exhibiting this transitional inertia- like they don't quite cross this threshold of manifestation.  They usually have difficult births, are not sure they are supposed to be here, their life force lingers in their higher chakras as if it never descended and grounded.



April 12, 2006


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