Pre-Birth Memory No.40

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The Case of Arjan Voet

Arjan Voet (23) of Beneden Leeuwen (The Netherlands) told me in 2005 that he was repeatedly visited by a male apparition when he was a boy of about 7. The apparitional figure helped him to leave his body and showed him many things, including episodes of his past life followed by images of an afterlife. Accordingly, Arjan was approached by other discarnate spirits who wanted him to help them with their problems. He rejected all of their requests and completely concentrated on his own elated feelings of happiness and wellbeing until higher spirits told him that he had to learn more about helping others. They wanted him to choose a world (sic) and a suitable family where he could undergo valuable lessons. However, he asked them to make the decision for him. If he failed, he would simply come back to the spiritual realm and try again.

Arjan recalls there is a script for our earthly lives, which leaves a lot of room for individual freedom, but fixes certain events that simply need to happen. He remembers that a spiritual being ‘wrote’ specific things down for him.

He also realised that he had known a friend of his, Niels, as a fellow spirit during the spiritual intermission period. For this incarnation, Arjan could choose between two families. The other family turned out to be the one in which Niels was born. 

Arjan Voet claims he told his mother Cela about his Out of the Body Experiences when he was a few years older, and she confirmed this for me. Cela added that both she and her mother had more paranormal experiences than average.

Titus Rivas

(This case was contributed by Titus Rivas, a Dutch researcher, who would like to hear from others with similar experiences. To contact Titus, please click here.)


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