Pre-Birth Memory No.45

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Three Lives to Choose From

All my life I have been able to recall my prebirth experience very clearly. I was in a relatively dark spacious area. There were others there, waiting for something. It was a very calm and peaceful atmosphere for everyone. I was guided by another up to a lighted area. Still there was darkness around me but I was looking into a lighted space where I could see the lives of three different people. I was there to chose which life I would live. I don't remember the 3rd life, just that there was one, a woman, I believe. The 1st life was that of an angry, bitter man. I don't remember all of his life but I do remember seeing him as a mean child and later as an old man crossing a cobbled stoned street. I remember his balding head and overcoat. He was not liked by others and was very much alone in his life. His children rejected him. I would know this man if I saw him today. The 2nd life was of a scared and lonely woman. I remember watching the clip of her life and deciding that I cou!

ld make a bigger difference in her life than that of the angry, bitter man. There was incredible peace and resolution for me about assuming this life and knowing in advance what struggles, challenges the woman would face and what needed to be done to overcome them and make her life better.


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