Pre-Birth Memory No.19

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Valencia's Story

Titus Rivas found this message on the Reincarnation Forum by a person named Valencia who's given him permission to quote it here:

"I have remembered this my entire life. Even as a child I told my mother I remember this. I remember what seems to me to be the in-between, between lives.
I am in a place. It seems like I'm being created - almost with clay. I know that there is another person/soul there with me. From what I know now, I believe this other being is my twin soul. (And there is no doubt in my mind who that person is in this life.)
In this memory, I am talking over my next life with a greater, larger being/soul who I take to be God. We talk about choices I have to make and what's going to happen. As I leave I am saying goodbye to the other soul (twin soul) and indicating that we will find each other again "out there" (in the world). It's a comfortable thing and it seems that I understand everything and even though I feel extremely attached to this other soul, I am okay leaving because I know that maybe my job in this life is to find that person (I believe that I have).
Then it's dark and comfortable...for a long time...then there's pressure and movement...then light. And I remember being born and the first things I saw."


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