Pre-Birth Memory No.61

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Watching From Behind

My 7 year old son Magnus and I were talking about snow. I told him I loved snow because my first memory is of sledding with my dad and brother when I was 2. 

I then asked Magnus what his first memory was. He tells me it is when mom was taking him to pre school and he was crying and did not want to go. Only, he says he was "watching" from behind. He says he was watching mom carry him down the hall and 'he' was just following behind. 

"What happened next?" I asked.  Magnus described then being in a 'dark' place, just sitting there quietly. I asked him if he was scared and he replies, "no, I felt GREAT!" 

Next he says he was standing in what he calls a "green" house. This confused me for a day or two until I realized that the interior walls of our house were green when he was born. We've since repainted, but left some of the green on a built in bookcase. I showed it to him and yes, it's "that" green. 

I asked him what he was doing while in the green house and he says, "just checking it out." 

Next he says he was back in the "black" and a voice in his head told him, "don't worry, you'll be on earth soon." This was the point at which I realized that all this is a pre birth memory. 

Magnus says he remembers watching himself be born, "standing behind the curtains, watching," he says. I asked him to tell me what he could see and he described the nurses and me and mom, but also described the doctor as a "she" which she was. I don't remember ever telling him that the obgyn was a female. 

None of this really surprises me. When I was a college freshman, 14 years before Magnus' birth and long before I knew his mother, he visited me while I was sleeping. I saw this 9 month old baby with a really big bald head and I was told that this is my son. He was so excited and was bouncing up and down and giggling. The feeling of utter joy and excitement, the likes of which one never feels on this earth, overwhelmed me, really freaked me out at the time. And, of course, Magnus has a very large round head and was bald until the age of 2. 

My younger son, Kelly, also showed himself to me before his birth. I feel so lucky to have had these experiences. 

Daddy Dave

March 23, 2007


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