Pre-Birth Memory No.54

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Watching My Birth

This is still the most vivid memory I have from being a child, not just because of the visual clarity but because of the immense sense of the 'real' I get whenever I think of it.

It has never made sense to me until I began to research reincarnation and the life of the 'soul' and then I realised that what I 'remembered' might indeed be something that Western science and psychology has no explanation for.

It was early in the morning, it felt like the sun had not been up for long. I was outside a small house, with lavender bushes and ivy in the front yard. To me it felt like I was invisible, hovering underneath the ledge of the front bedroom window. There was a presence next to me, a caring presence 'holding my hand' in a sense, before I embarked on something - but I did not really understand what that was.

The sky was crisp birds egg blue, tinged with apricot glaze and the air hung with excitement. I remember looking up from under the shadowy ledge and peering through the front window where I could see a woman on the bed. Her hair was dark and messy - the presence next to me said I shouldn't look, but I did anyway. I remember feeling slightly naughty to be watching, but the presence next to me felt caring and compassionate.

All of a sudden I was in the room, peering between the woman's legs and watching the birth from the foot of the bed...The room was dark and a bit cold, there were other people in there but I couldn't tell who they were.

After that I can only assume my soul became embodied and I was born.

When I finally revealed this memory to my father (a year ago - I'm now 22) he was quite astounded. The house I had described matched the house where I was born, as did the morning atmosphere and the location of the bedroom. It would have been unlikely that I would remember this house otherwise as we moved from there when I was 18 months old. Tragically I lost my mum when I was five years old, but this memory often gives me strength as I felt with all my soul that this did occur, it feels completely different to any 'dream' or 'memory' that I have from a young age.


August 22, 2006


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