Pre-Birth Memory No.52

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White Orbs

I'm 58 years old. I have tried to tell people for years about seeing my older cousin being born and remembering my own experience pre-birth.

I remember many white orbs. We were all full of a lot of energy. We were all above the delivery room of our local hospital. I vaguely remember a guide being to the right of me. My cousin Bud was to the left of me and an amazing number of orbs beyond him. When I asked who they were I was told that they were family, but weren't ready to be on earth yet. I remember a woman on a table (I know now as my Aunt Betty)and 3 or 4 other people who were doctor and nurses. The guide started to wave me down to the woman, but my cousin rushed down ahead of me. I told him it wasn't his turn and he told me to wait for the next one. We didn't speak, but thought transferred. I don't remember anything more until my birth, but a year and 12 days passed in between Bud's birth and mine.

I remember joining my body just before the body started to leave the womb. It was dark and warm and my body didn't want to leave. After I entered the body, I remember being in what felt like a waterway with rapids and I tried to return, but I finally exited (mother says they used forceps). I felt cold and the lights were way too bright, and my body just wouldn't do anything. It was heavy and awkward and I was talking, but nobody understood. I don't remember seeing anyone important to me.

My Aunt Betty and cousin Bud were the first to visit. Bud and I slept in the same crib and were glued together. And both mothers say we talked to each other long before we could speak.

Bud has forgotten his experience, most of my family think I remember my next cousin David being born, but I know what I know and I had to quit telling about my experience because nobody believed me.



July 22, 2006


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