Pre-Birth Memory No.29

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A Far Away World

First thing I remember is a far away world. A planet which seems similar to Earth but still very different. It's a blue-green-colored-planet covered with great lakes. I don't remember any oceans. It seems it was covered by a complex water-system of lakes and rivers. I remember it had a moon type satellite, but a little bit bigger and closer to the planet. At one point I remember being on that satellite and observing the incredible beauty of that planet. Somehow I remember feeling myself at home there. Then I remember some kind of a palace/large building. I come in and hundreds of beings(people?) on both sides watch me while I walk through the crowd towards a door at the end of the big hall. At this moment my memories shift. I remember being in a big room with a woman I love who says with relief that I have "killed it". Then I see a shock on her face, she's looking at something behind me. I feel sudden pain coming from my back straight through my chest. I look back as I fall down to the floor and see some dark weird form which I don't remember very well. I feel sudden fear for the woman. I know I'm finished. A sense of a great loss is present in me...

Next there's a peaceful emptiness of the space... I fly through the universe at a great speed... Many stars fly by. There is a thought in my "head" that "It's like I've imagined it to be after death". It seems I fly an eternity. Then I see a sudden bright light and then the Earth from far above... as a small planet. I think it looks pretty pathetic. Then a being I don't remember very well leads me to another being who looks like a man with a dark beard. He presents some photo film-like images on a big screen for me. First I see a "family" of what looks like Neanderthals to me...gathered around then another "family" from more recent time... I look through all the images going further and further to the present time. At last I'm asked to chose. I chose the last image possible... which represented the house where I lived for 10 years since I was 2y.o..

Then I remember falling down to the earth at a great speed. I remember seeing from top above a 3y.o. boy running to his parents on a farm of his grand-parents. I crash directly into his body... and that's where my life-memories begin. I don't remember anything of this life before I was 3 years old.



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