Pre-Birth Memory No.25

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A Regal Mountain

Ever since I can remember I have had a memory that has no connection to anything I can recall in my childhood years.

When I was a young child I would ask my brother about a place where he and I visited together once. He did not know what I was talking about, but I always said I wanted to go there again.

Here is the memory:

I am little, and I following my older brother as we walk towards a beautiful regal mountain. The place is completely uninhabited, but the flowers and grass are vibrant and glowing. We reach the base of the mountain and go into a cavern/cave where a waterfall is filling a natural pool of crystal blue water, and the water is not cold.

It is then that my brother tells me we will both go in the water, and that I will follow him through a hole in the rock that leads to a different place. I don't want to go, but my brother says that it is okay. I ask him if we can go through together and he tells me that He has to be the first one. He says not to worry, that he will wait for me on the other side. The last thing I remember is being under water, and watching my brother slip through the hole.

This memory has always had a very mysterious and sacred quality to it. It was only after my NDE that I connected that feeling to the feeling I had in this memory. They were the same place!

My brother and I are very connected to each other to this day. We look alike and are very similar in all kinds of ways (more so than our other siblings). He was the youngest in the family for 10 years, until I came along.



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