Pre-Birth Communication No.7

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My third child's name came to me when I looked up at a bright sky through a window one day and seemed to hear someone say 'Aidan'.

When I named my beautiful son Aidan, my older sister was not amused.
She'd had a full-term stillborn baby years before who had been christened 'Haidan'.

Neither name was familiar to me and I had never been told the first child's name.

Incidentally, Sis was drinking and smoking heavily and badly neglecting herself during her pregnancy and poor Haidan didn't have a chance.
When I was expecting Aidan my husband drunkenly attacked me and beat me up badly.
Several times, Aidan's life was in danger almost before it was begun, and I was actually once told he'd died already.

Aidan does not know about either his deceased cousin or his father's violence, but has never smoked and rarely drinks, and does not get drunk or use drugs, even though he is presently a student!
He has always been wise beyond his years and I believe him to be a healer, with the benefit of hard lessons learned early.



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