Pre-Birth Memory No.26

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An Orientation Process

When I try to analyse my own realization that I could recall pre-birth memories, I find that it is difficult to pinpoint when I actually came to a full realization of the memory.  In fact, I think that I didn't so much remember the pre-birth memory, but rather through a growing awareness of other people's ways of thinking and personal stories, gradually saw my own experiences in relief and in comparison to theirs. 

Somewhere around 12 or 13 years of age the my memory started to become something that I was aware of.  I think that around that age I generally started to mature and the comparison between my adolescent self and my emerging adult self and thoughts, caused me to become more self aware.  (There is a Far Side cartoon that describes this kind of shift in awareness quite well.  In the cartoon, there are a bunch of cows in field eating and one bright spark raises his head and says "Grass!  We're eating grass!"). e="Times New Roman"> 

I have always assumed that everyone would have had similar experiences prior to birth, but I had never been able to explain why they didn't remember them.  In my own case, I had a near death experience (I drowned), when I was three or four years old, and in retrospect that incident may be partly responsible for my having access to these memories.  
My own pre-birth memory is this:
I was gently awoken in a place with no time, no light, no darkness.  I just suddenly was.  I remember not really wanting to awaken (very similar to the feeling of waking in a warm bed and contemplating stepping onto a cold floor).  I was somehow aware that I had been resting and in fact that I had needed this period of recuperation.  At the time of awaking, I was presented with some sort of choice. I have always taken this question to be something like "it is time that you lived again, do you want to do this? (When I say "choice" it sounds as if I could have declined, when in fact, it was more of a case of being gently nudged towards something that was pre-determined.)  It seemed that I immediately started the process of preparing to be alive.  This seemed to require that I willingly enter into a state which would necessarily diminish my state of knowing.   
I was guided through what I would now call an orientation process that prepared me for my coming experience of life.  During this process I was provided an overview of the age of man that I was entering into.  I was told many subtle things.  One idea which has always seemed to stand out is the fact that I would be meeting with old friends.  I was here to do some things but also to witness something.  I am not wishing to sound dramatic, but it seemed be that I was to witness the end of a period of man.  That is not to say that mankind would end but that there is an ending to something.  I was also given previews of various upcoming times, and various patterns that would occur in my life.  I was shown the part of the world where I would be.  At some point it all started to move faster and become involuntary (like being swept into a current) and chaotic.  I was born in an intense explosion of senses.  Slowly the chaos subsided and I recall many periods, episodes and waves of joining the world.  For instance, I remember the process of learning to operate my body and understand language. 

Bruce M


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