Pre-Birth Communication No.4

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Cayden and Jackson

My husband and I had been married two weeks and he wanted to try to have a baby.  I was surprised, but happily agreed.  I finally got pregnant after only two month of trying. But the month before, I had been on the Internet and looked at thousands, literally thousands of names, when I came to the name Cayden.  It just stuck.  I told my husband that if we had a boy than that is what we would name him, definitely!  One month later I was pregnant with a boy. 

 Then when Cayden was 17 months old we decided to try for another baby, BUT, like the time before, the month before I got pregnant, I had a dream that I was walking down a hall, much like in the house I live in now, and was calling to my son, Jackson.  I never SAW him, but the presence was strongly felt. All I did in the dream was walk around looking and calling for him, kind of like he was hiding from me!  I immediately woke up and woke my hubby up and told him, "We are going to have a baby, its going to be a boy, and we are going to name him Jackson."  I don't think he took me too seriously, but one month later, after only one try, I was pregnant, and it was a boy and I named him Jackson. 



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