After Death Communication No.3

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Chin Up!

My sister tells a great story about my grandfather, whom I never had the pleasure of knowing.
When she was 7, he died unexpectedly of a massive heart-attack.  My sister was very connected to her grand-dad, and loved him more than anyone else.  One day not too long after his death, she was feeling very sad about something and she was alone in her room.  All of the sudden, she felt someone tap her shoulder, just the way grandpa used to do, to try and get you to turn around and look for the person who tapped you.  It was a funny little thing he liked to do.  Grandpa loved to make my sister smile.
When she felt the tap on her back she knew by the way it felt that it was grandpa, come to tell her "Chin up"!  She ran downstairs and told our mother, who was also very moved by the experience.

February 05, 2004

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