Pre-Birth Communication No.3

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Laura's Story

I think my 4 year old niece Melissa and I, had a pre-birth communication. My sister had two boys and always wanted a little girl more than anything. When she reached her 40s she accepted the fact that she wasn't going to get the girl she always wanted.  One night I had a very vivid dream where my family was just sitting around like normal and my sister’s oldest son said something along the lines of, “When I get a new car, Mel can have mine.”  It was a very simple, matter of fact statement, but I knew in the dream that Mel was his little sister.  The dream really stuck with me for some reason, so I asked my sister if she ever had a girl what would she name her.  She said if her second son had been a girl, she would have named the baby Melissa. I was shocked and told her my dream about the little girl "Mel."

 Only 5 or 6 months later, my sister at 42-years-old, who thought she was going through menopause, found out in fact she was pregnant and it was a girl. I have always felt like Melissa had "told me" she was coming in that dream. Another strange thing is, Melissa and I have had a unexplainable strong bond ever since she was born.  I have never been a big “baby person” and never held my other nieces or nephews much or “baby talked” to them etc… but I immediately took to Melissa and she to me.  She has always ignored the other adults, including her doting mother and grandmother, to run straight to me. I was always good with her too and now, ever since she was born, I am a baby person and am good with them. She seems to know and say things beyond a 4-year-old's normal understanding. Since she was 2-years-old she has done odd things like stare lovingly at me, pet my face with her little hand and say “Oh I just love you.”  The way she was toward me has always surprised my family. I told my sister if anything ever happened to her and her husband that I wanted Melissa, and to my shock she announced to my family days later that it was her wish for me to have custody if anything ever happened to her and her husband.

If there is such a thing as past lives, I think she and I had a close bond in another life and that she was a doctor or nurse. She always has to doctor all of her dolls and stuffed animals, and when my now deceased brother became diagnosed with cancer, she went up to him and was doting on him. When my sister asked why she was giving all the “care” to Uncle Larry, she simply said “Because he doesn’t feel good, he’s very sick.” We had just found he had cancer and there was no way a 3-year-old could know about it or understand what it means.



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