After Death Communication No.2

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My Father

My father died in 1998 and let his family know through various means after his death, that he was happy. This is my account of my father's After Death Communications.

In 1993, my father contracted blood poisoning, and as a consequence he suffered kidney failure. For several weeks he struggled to stay alive, with the family being told that the likelihood of survival was almost impossible. Then to the surprise of the medical specialists, his kidneys started to work again, although they never regained their full function. Despite his surprising recovery, his kidney function went into a slow decline, and six months later, he started having to have dialysis in order to stay alive. Since my father was too old to be considered for a kidney transplant, dialysis was the only option for survival. With dialysis, the Doctors' gave my father a life expectancy of a maximum of five years.

Peritoneal dialysis kept my father alive, and despite several minor strokes near the end of his life, was happy to be alive and treasured each day that he had on this Earth. My father died extremely suddenly and without warning on the 24th March 1998. He was suffering from an infection called "Peritonitis" when he died, but he had gotten past the danger zone and was well on his way to recovery. His sudden death took everyone by surprise.

I was at work at the time, when my mother called me to say that the hospital called to say that my father had gone into a sudden decline, and for all of us to come to the hospital, to be at his side. Where I was working was an hours drive away from my father's hospital, and on top of that, I needed to refuel the car in order to get there. So I immediately left for the hospital, anxiously trying to get there as soon as I possibly could.

As I was driving to the hospital, filled with a feeling of urgency, a peaceful feeling overtook me. At that moment, it was if something let me know that there was no longer any need to hurry, and that I should just safely drive to the hospital. I looked at my watch, at the moment the feeling of urgency left me, and noted that the time was 11.10am.

On the way to the hospital, my sister phoned to notify me that my father had just died. I asked her what the time of death was, and she told me he died around 11.10am. I continued to the hospital, and when I was around ten minutes from the hospital, I felt my father's presence beside me in the car for part of the last leg of the journey. When I finally arrived at the hospital, I met with my family and we spent a few minutes with the body of my recently deceased father. While standing there in the room with my father's body, I tried to sense his presence, but could not feel anything. Later my brother said that he did the same thing, and he felt like my father's spirit was no longer in the room.

For several days after my father's death, I went through the normal feelings of grief and loss. However, whenever the feelings become too much and I broke down and cried, I would not cry for long. For no matter how saddened I was, whenever I would cry, I would almost immediately feel my sadness evaporate and find in its place, the feeling that my father lived on and that he was happy.

Since I was a child, I have always had an interest in animals, particularly reptiles. I am a government licensed reptile keeper. The sight of free roaming snakes where I live is a rarity, but in the week before my father's death, I had an unusual event at my house. A non-venomous Freshwater Snake gave birth to a litter of young near the back of my house, and for several days these baby snakes and their mother crawled around the outside back entrance of my house until they moved on. A couple of days after my father's death, I was on my way out to my car, to drive to the funeral home for a pre-burial viewing, when a large six foot non-venomous Green Tree Snake came out behind the brick cladding of my home and started crawling towards me. As soon as I noticed the snake, it turned around and retreated back behind the brick cladding. I never saw or heard the snake again. At the time I thought, "Is this my father's way of communicating with me that he lives on?"

On the day of my father's funeral, in the early hours of the morning, the phone gave an unusual ring. I answered the phone, and as I spoke into the phone's transmitter, it sounded in the receiver as if I was talking down a tunnel. It was if the phone was connected in space, but I couldn't hear anyone on the other end of the phone. What made the phone call even more unusual was its ring. The phone gave a very different and unusual ring that I had never heard before in my job as a telecommunications engineer. There is no type of fault that I know of, that could produce that type of ring, without causing the phone network to crash. After my father's funeral, when I finally returned to work, I checked the fault logs, and there was no network condition at the time that could cause the unusual ring tone. I took it as a sign that my father was trying to communicate with me.

At the funeral one of my uncles told me of a dream he had on the night before my father's death. In his dream, my father had his bags packed, and was going away on a journey. In the dream my uncle told my father that he wouldn't be happy leaving everyone. My father told my uncle in the dream, that none of us should worry, because he would be very happy where he was going. At the time my uncle thought nothing of the dream, until he was notified of his brothers death, and then he remembered the dream he'd had the night before.

In the later part of my father's life, he suffered from severe arthritis in both knees. He walked with a walking aid, as both his legs were extremely bowed. His knees had worn from the arthritis to the extent that his knee sockets had worn down and his knee joints were held together only by ligaments and flesh.

Several weeks after my father died, I had a dream of my own. In my dream my father was kneeling down in a garden, tending to some plants. As he saw me approach, he stood upright and tall, and walked towards me with a big smile and the glow of happiness in his face. The bowed legs that he had in the later years of his life were no longer, and he had the straight legs of a healthy man. The dream I had may not seem unusual, but around the same time, several members of my family had exactly the same dream.

Several of my family members, including myself, also had dreams in which my father looked as he did in his early twenties and with a big smile and happiness beaming from his face.

The time came, several months after my father was buried, to put a headstone on his grave. I requested my mother, to put a photo of my father on the headstone. My mother and sister decided on the photograph that would be used and I had no idea what photo they had chosen. One night I had a dream that my father had a headstone on his grave and in the photo on the headstone, he was smiling, like I had seen him previously in my dreams. The next day I asked my mother whether the headstone was put on the grave yet, and she said that she didn't know. So, a couple of days later I went to the cemetery to look at my father's grave, and the headstone had been installed. What surprised me was that the picture on the headstone, was the exact same picture I'd seen in my dream several days earlier, and even more surprising, I don't remember ever seeing that photo ever before until I saw it in my dream.

As human beings, despite our varying personal beliefs, I think that deep down inside we all want to believe that death is not an end of life, but the beginning of something better. I don't know whether my father lives on in the spirit and was communicating with my family and I, or whether these experiences were simply generated by our subconscious as a coping mechanism.

Whatever the truth is, the experiences I had after my father's death, bought me much comfort, and allowed me to heal from the loss of a parent, and to get on with my life. Life after the loss of a parent is never the same, but we all have to live through it at some point of our lives, and life on this earthly plane continues.

Michael Maguire

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