Near Death Experience No.3

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Spring Flood

My near death experience was brought about by drowning.  My sister and I (she is 11 months older than me) were down by a river that just happened to be in spring flood (53 years ago in small town Alberta).  She and I were playing a game that was based on how close either of us could get to the river.  I won.  Thankfully, my sister ran back to our house (a distance of a few blocks) and announced that "Brucie had died in the river".  It is a part of family legend that my mother ran from the house in her house coat screaming for help.  The story goes that I was luckily swept into a growth of weeds and it was there they found me. 

My memory of my near death experience is interesting to me.  I visualized that I had entered some sort of waiting room scenario, the people that were there didn't seem too happy to have me there, or back.  They explained that I wasn't finished and had to leave again.  It was a rather strange and brusque sort of encounter.  When I think of these people it gives me a feeling that one might have if for instance you had just had a lovely dinner with great friends.  Everything was beautiful and full of laughter and love, then you say your good-byes and leave.  Suddenly you remember you've forgotten something so you have to go back.  When you go back in suddenly, everything seems changed.  They are cold and detached towards you.  Kind of weird.

Bruce M


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