Pre-Birth Communication No.5

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When my first wife became pregnant, we went through the usual routine of trying to pick both boys and girls names, so that no matter what we had, we would instantly know what we were going to call the baby. However, this was not an easy exercise, simply because we could come up with lots of girls names but we just couldn't come up with any boys names. So we just ended up hoping that our baby would be a girl and to go back to deciding names if our baby ended up being a boy.

As the pregnancy progressed, I had a growing inner feeling that our baby was going to be a girl. Near the end of the pregnancy, the feeling was so strong, that without a doubt, I was certain that we were going to have a baby daughter.

The time came for our baby to be born. I drove my wife to the nearest hospital for the baby to be delivered. While at the hospital, I remembered that I forgot to bring along my video camera to film the birth. I decided to stay with my wife for a while just to see how the birth was progressing. After a period of time, it became clear by the pattern of my wife's contractions, that my wife was in for a long labor. We decided that it would be safe for me to return home to pick up the video camera and return. I then left the hospital to return home to retrieve the video camera.

I was on the twenty minute return journey to the hospital, when all of a sudden, I got an overwhelming and strange feeling, that our baby's soul had just entered its body. On arrival to the hospital, my wife was in heavy contractions, which caught me by surprise. An hour later, my wife delivered a beautiful daughter. The nurses asked us what we would call the baby and we instantly knew that her name would be Stephanie Louise Maguire.

I'm not sure whether our daughter was communicating to me before her birth of her gender and what we should call her, but I thought that some of you may find my experience interesting.

Michael Maguire

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Copyright 2003 Michael Maguire. All rights reserved.


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