Pre-Birth Communication No.1

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Suellyn's Niece

This is not a rebirth from my Soul but a pre-birth as a member of the family incarnated.

My Higher Consciousness was taken to a level above this earthly plane. I was there to meet my new niece as she descended towards earth & life.

I saw/felt her come down past me. We never communed but I was given information as she passed. She had tried to be born as my Grandchild but "it would have been an impossible situation for her & my Daughter." She had been one of my guides & she was being born to my favorite & closest nephew & his wife.

There was more information passed on but this is strictly Spiritual.

I told my Sister who visited from out of state with in the week that someone was pregnant & it was not my Daughter. I was sure that it was T's wife. She poo pooed me & said no way she had just talked to her. When we went to visit my parents the next day, she got a call from T's wife. She was pregnant!



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