Titus Rivas


I'm a philosopher, theoretical psychologist and parapsychologist of 38 who is working on several books about life after death and related subjects. I have written many articles about reincarnation research and related subjects, and two books, one of which (in Dutch) was published in 2000, "Parapsychologisch onderzoek naar re´ncarnatie en leven na de dood". I have also written a general course about parapsychology (also in Dutch). The unpublished book about reincarnation was written together with my Indian friend Dr. K.S. Rawat and addresses the evidence for reincarnation.

As a researcher, I have come across some very interesting pre-birth memories, i.e. relating to an intermediate state between the previous life and this one. I was struck by the correspondences between the PBEs (or MIPs as I sometimes call them, Memories of an Intermission Period) and Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

I'm interested in the entire field of PBEs. Aspects which have captured my special interest are:
- Correspondences between PBEs and NDEs.
- Correspondences between PBEs and other fields, e.g. poltergeist or postmortem communication. ( For example, in one of Stevenson's cases, that of Veer Singh, the subject recalled having broken the plank of a swing, when he was a discarnate spirit. This memory corresponded to an incident before his birth, of which he could not have been aware normally.)
- Planning of the next life and its implications for the meaning of life, of hardship, etc.
- Contacts with higher beings.

(Titus would like to hear from people who may be able to assist him with his research. To contact Rivas, please click here.)


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